Pheasant Hunting, Sporting clays, & Gamebirds



At Special T Hunting we are able to accommodate all of your hunting needs:

  • ​Guided Hunts --- we have professional guides and registered dogs.
  • ​Non-Guided Hunts (your dogs)
  • Lodging & Boarding Services
  • ​Game Bird Breeding Services
  • ​Sporting Clays Target Shooting Course ($15 per round)
  • European Tower Shoot
  • Cleaning Facilities & Refrigerator Storage
  • ​Transportation Services (if required)

​​***** NOTE: Due to recent changes in the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Licensing requirements, we will no longer be able to offer Regular or CSA licenses to our customers on-site. Keep in mind that if you are planning to hunt at least one day in Kansas, you will still need to get a CSA license. If you are planning to hunt on any public lands in Kansas, you will need to get a regular hunting license.

For your convenience, you may purchase any Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Licenses On-line by clicking on the following link:

Kansas Dept. Of Wildlife and Parks